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Wasn’t this the Lucky McDaniel “Quick Kill” or “Quick Skill” system. He was mentioned in Bob Brister’s book “Shotgunning, The Art and Science”, though there was not detail. I believe that the US Marines also experimented with McDaniel’s techniques in teaching recruits. I haven’t heard a word about him in the past fifteen years though.

I’ll post this in SR and see if one of our Junior Technoids knows more than I do. They usually do. Heck, they ALWAYS do.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid
(Often in error, never in doubt.)

And- the readers do indeed have all the answers:

Dear Technoid,

In reference to the question you posted recently about the “Shoot Where You Look”. The December 1992 issue of Guns magazine lists a kit called “Quick Skill”. The kit contains a sightless daisy BB gun, a pair of safety glasses, some bb’s and the instruction manual. The kit in 1992 was available from Leon Measures 408 Fair, Livingston, Tx. 77351. Telephone # 713-457-1250. (This may, of course, be long out of date by now.)

I have also seen this system profiled within the last 2 years on one of the ESPN Saturday morning outdoor programs.

The course of training evidently has some very devout supporters. I would like to hear some more info from people who have tried the method and the results.


Dear Technoid,

I am responding to the question about the BB Gun Training System. The system discussed is by Leon Measures from Texas. He says he started teaching this system to his Boy Scouts when he was the Scout Master. He reports the exhibition team could shoot 30 of 50 aspirin tablets out of the air consistently.

I ordered the complete kit for my son (about 4 months before he was born!). He’s only 21 months old now, so we haven’t used it yet. I have looked at parts of the course, but haven’t gone through it completely.

I’m not really able to comment on its effectiveness. Probably if I used the course myself, I would be able to better teach it to my son when the time comes; and I would most likely improve my shooting also – I need all the help I can get. Actually, my wife and I are expecting our second son in March and she informs me we now have to order another one for him.

The complete “Shoot Where You Look” kit consists of modified BB gun (no front sight), Video, Book, 2 pair Safety Glasses, and BB’s. You can also order items individually. The complete kit cost $165.00 when I bought it about 2 years ago.

Address and phone numbers are:
Leon Measures
Shoot Where You Look
408 Fair Street
Livingston, Texas 77351

That is all the information I have. It would be interesting to hear from someone who has actually gone through the whole course.

Thanks for your great internet site over the last few years and the timely responses to several email questions I have sent,


Dear Bruce,

For Glen in Minneapolis. Sporting Clays magazine September 1996 issue (Vol. VIII , No. IX ) had an article written by Randy Lawrence called “Shooting where you look”. In this article he mentions Leon Measures , a Texas quail hunter who has a kit available. It includes a BB gun, video, manual and safety glasses. All for $170. Leon Measures can be contacted at 1-800-201-5535. This article is a little old, so I don’t know if this phone number is still good or not Hope this helps.

Morrison, CO

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