Really Chilled Shot

Dear Technoid,

I am sure you read a lot of crazy things people do to complicate the shooting sports as I am about to describe.

I wanted to use up four cases of 1-1/8 oz. 3 drs, Federal ammo I bought for Beretta 390, but it kicks bit more than I like in my NEW Beretta 682 O/U. Since I am following your basic advice to stay with one gun any one time, I did not want to mix shooting 390 and 682. ( I use 1oz. 2-3/4 drs. Extra Lite AA for 682. )

I remembered reading about temperature effect on shot speed, so I tried putting a few boxes of Federal in my refrigerator. When I took them out to the trap range in cooler box this weekend, the chilled ammo did slow down just enough for me to shoot comfortably.


Dear Readers,

Shotgun Report readers have to be the most resourceful going as this note from reader Seiji shows.

Seiji- for successfully experimenting with a clever shotgun solution very much out of the ordinary, you have exhibited the excessive and slightly loopy shotgun deportment which the Technoid so highly prizes. You are hereby awarded the coveted Junior Technoid Order of the Palm (Third class). You have earned the right to affix the prestigious “JTOP3” to your name when corresponding with Shotgun Report. Your medal, packed in its genuine plastic hand painted pocket protector, will be arriving via Email any time now. Wear it with pride. You have definitely earned it.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid
(Often in error, never in doubt.)

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