Briley Choke and Forcing Cones For A Belgian Browning?

Hi there. Are forcing cones and briley chokes alterations a good idea for my high grade belgium browning? Both barrels have light modified chokes. I would like to use this gun for long birds and clays as well.

Ty. Oz

Ty. Oz,

Nice B25? Attaboy! Those Belgian Brownings are the best. The higher models are particularly in demand. If you anticipate selling the gun in the future, and if the gun has no other modifications from original, I would not make any changes. Collectors want original guns, not ones which have been modified. Light Mods are very useful chokes.

But if you really want to shoot the gun and intend to keep it, then Briley Thinwall chokes are certainly an option. Very often the barrels of the nice Brownings are “siamesed” and have little or no space between. Screw chokes need some space for the choke body and the threads. I’ve had several Belgian Brownings and FNs (same gun but built for Europe) which have had Briley Thinwall chokes installed. The installations were correct and the chokes nicely done. But in each case, Briley told me that they would have to see the gun before committing to install the chokes because the B25s sometimes did not have enough room around the muzzles for even the Thinwalls. Briley will cut the Thinwall screw chokes to any measurement that you want. They do good work.

As to forcing cone lengthening, fuggedaboudid (American Brooklynese for “forget about it”). I’ve had it done to one Belgian Browning and could detect no difference in pattern or recoil. Belgian Browning bores are tight and their cones are conventionally short, but they shoot great.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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