Pinfire Shells And Rifle Recoil

Dear Technoid,

Two questions….

How do I find shells for a 12 gauge pinfire shot gun? I have found one distributor in France, but would prefer something in the U.S.A. (language barrier)

I started hunting two years ago (upland game birds…mostly Chukar). I shoot a 28 gauge for most of the season, 20 gauge when I get lazy. I received a 270 rifle for my 29th birthday and will use it to fill my first mule deer tag. I have never had a flinching problem with my shotguns, but seem to be doing it with the rifle. I feel very comfortable shooting the rifle and I am not afraid of the recoil (the gun hardly kicks at all). I have dry fired it a couple of times to confirm what I am doing. I am pushing my shoulder forward and into the butt of the gun as I am pulling the trigger.

How can I stop this behavior? my groupings are close and generally consistent…but go to the left every third to fourth shot. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you


Dear Jamey,

12 gauge pin fire shotshells? I dunno about that one. I suggest you Google it.

As to your rifle flinching, in guns of equal weight a typical 270 hunting load has about 15% less free recoil than a 3 dram 1-1/8 oz 12 gauge target load. It has about 10% more recoil than an equal weight 20 with a one ounce load.

It’s just a guess, but one of the things which might be causing your rifle problem is that your rifle stock might be a bit shorter than your shotgun stocks. Since you mention elsewhere that you are a lady, this is less likely the case (assuming that your shotguns have been cut down) but it is possible.

You may well find your 270 much more pleasant to shoot if you strap on a PAST pad under your shooting coat. Not only would this “add” a bit of length to the rifle stock, but the PAST pads (Cabela’s and similar outfitters) soak up a remarkable amount of recoil and will let you concentrate on shooting the rifle instead of the recoil. Also, practice with your rifle standing up, not from the bench. You take a lot more recoil hunched over the bench shooting from a rest. When you stand up, your body can move with the gun and it hurts less. Obviously, when you are taking a shot at game, you use any rest possible to make sure of the shot.

If you reload rifle cartridges or have a friend who does, make up some reduced power loads for practice. I have had excellent luck doing this with my .308 Model 70s. Sighted in for 100 yards, the reduced loads can be extremely accurate and allow me all the pain free practice I want. You will have to resight and practice with full power loads as the season nears, but by then your body may have forgotten all about that flinch.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
The Technoid writing for Shotgun Report, LLC

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