Beretta 390 Parts

Most Wise One,

Are you aware of a good source for Beretta parts other than the factory? The connecting rod on my 390 broke after only about 3000 rounds. Also, is this a weak link, so to speak, in the 390? If you were going to lay in a supply of likely to be needed parts for the 390, what would your list include?

Thanks as always for your sage advice.


Dear N,

By far the best source of Beretta 390 parts is Rich Cole. Tell him Shotgun Report sent you. His site is <>, or telephone at 207-833-5027. He usually has what you need. He is MUCH more reliable than Beretta factory parts in Accokeek.

I think that Beretta had a bad run of links one time. Generally they last a lot longer than 3K. In 45K with my 303, 35K with my B-80 and 5K with my 390, I have broken exactly one. All three guns use the same link. The only other parts that I have ever broken on my three guns are the hammer struts. I have broken three of them. The trigger groups on the guns are all identical inside too. So, get Rich to send you a link and a pair of hammer struts (left and right). I also replaced one firing pin return spring once. Rich may have other suggestions for additional parts, but those are mine based on my experience.

I also replace my main spring every 10K. It never breaks, but the new one is usually about 3″ to 4″ longer than the old one I take out so you know that there is a limited life The main spring is the only thing that keeps the gun from beating itself to death on recoil, so it pays to keep a fresh one in there on any semi-auto. On the 390, remember that you have to put some heat on the brass plug at the end of the spring tube before you can loosen it due to the Loc-Tite they use.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid
(Often in error, never in doubt.)

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