Spare Gas Gun Parts

Spare Gas Gun Parts

Dear Technoid,

I’ve decided to make the switch from an O/U to a gas gun, specifically a Remington 1100 with 30 inch barrels. I’m also planning to take the gun to Uruguay next year for a dove/pigeon shoot.

If you were to put together an emergency kit for this gun, which spare parts would you include? I’d hate to have a breakdown 4,000 miles from home.



Dear Kerry,

If I were you, I would take a complete second 1100 plus an extra set of rings, link, complete bolt and complete trigger assembly. The trip will cost many times what a spare gun will cost. If you can borrow a second gun, you may never need to use it, but having an entire spare gun along could save the day. I have had a number of my older 1100s break at the receiver (split the side or blow off the magazine tube). Spare parts won’t fix that. Gas guns are like sheep. They know when they are alone and don’t like it.

My magazine is sending me down to Argentina to cover a dove, duck, and perdiz shoot. I’ll probably use the the outfitter’s guns, but if I don’t, I will take two Beretta autos and some extra parts. I simply refuse to sit in a plane for 12 hours overnight and have something major happen to my gun when I get down there. I take two guns and I take two cameras. You never know. I have been to Colombia and Honduras a few times each and have never needed my second gun or any spare parts, but I loaned that stuff to a bunch of people who did. Years ago, Colombia wouldn’t let you bring a second gun- just the one. I just stripped my backup gun and carried every part that didn’t have a serial number.

If you absolutely insist on bringing only one 1100, then borrow a second one and remove every possible interior part to take along with you. I have owned six 1100s when I was shooting International Skeet. I shot four of them into destruction (until the receivers went), but have seen virtually every part on that gun break. I have seen bolts crack, barrel extensions break, magazine tubes snap at the receiver plus all the other little things that we know happen to them every day.

By the way, you are VERY wise to consider taking a gas gun to Uruguay rather than an O/U. If you really get into the dove, it will be possible to shoot four cases (not flats, cases) per day. I have seen it done in Colombia. If you do that with an O/U, they will bring you home in a box.

A short one.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid
(Often in error, never in doubt.)

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1 Response to Spare Gas Gun Parts

  1. Andy Wilson says:

    I agree that I would take a 2nd gun as well as a couple of extra springs, gas seals and piston rings for good measure. I love the 1100 but it’s reliabilty frustrated me.

    I have owned 2 Remingtons and both broke too many parts and one split between the receiver and mag tube. I stopped trusting the gun, so I changed to Beretta which was more reliable and more recently to Benelli which has been 100% reliable.


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