Gun Safe In Garage?


I was wondering about your thoughts on keeping a gun safe in the garage because I really don’t have the room to keep one in the house. I live in NE Illinois where it gets cold and sometimes humid, the garage never freezes but does get cold in there, was wondering if over time would the temperature changes hurt the guns inside, or is there some kind of humidifier that you can purchase for the inside of the safe, any thoughts on the matter would be great, thank you.



I’ve never kept a safe in my garage, so I have no personal experience. But when my safe was kept in the damp cellar of my stone New England house I had no rust problems. I use an 18″ Lockdown Golden Rod dehumidifier, available from Walmart or Amazon. It has worked perfectly for over 25 years. It requires no maintenance of any kind other than just leaving it plugged into an electric outlet. It raises the temperature in the safe just enough so that humidity is controlled and rust doesn’t occur, or at least hasn’t ever for me.

I also wipe my guns down after each use with a chamois lightly moistened with Ballistol. It is great for both wood and metal. Ballistol is great stuff, though there are many other wipes reputed to work well also.

I”m sure that there are other ways of effectively preventing rust, but what I do works for me.

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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