Model 12 Repro

Dear Technoid,

Thanks for the great web site.

I’ve got the wants for another gun that I don’t need – one of the Browning or Winchester Model 12 remakes. I have a Model 12 trap gun, which I like very much. I’d like to have one of the 20 gauge remakes for occasional bird hunting and informal clay target shooting.

I think you’ve mentioned having a Model 12 remake yourself. Could you provide your assessment of these guns.

Thanks much.


Dear Keith,

Well, as to the M-12 Brownings, I loved them and hated them. I had one in 28 gauge, but shot bunches of them in both 20 and 28, none in 410 though.

I liked: workmanship, wood, balance, price, appearance. The machining inside the gun (never touched by human hands, I am sure) was far smoother and neater than my original 1933 M-42.

I disliked: stupid humped rib (genuine copy or the stupid original, I’m sure) and the newly added trigger interrupter. I REALLY hated that trigger interrupter. It made the gun so that I actually had to push the forend slightly forward before pulling it back. On the 12 gauge, the recoil is enough to do this for you. On the 20 it may be, but on the 28, it definitely is not.

The original M-12 did not have this interrupter and the forend would come back right away if you started with a little back pressure. The current Browning BPS (nee Ithaca 37/87) works without an interrupter also and can be worked faster than you can believe by an experienced shot. The BPS is just like the real M-12 in that respect.

Some people don’t mind the interrupter, some do. I was one of those who did and found that it make the gun almost unshootable for me. I ended up selling it to someone who pumps at a more leisurely pace than I do.

My best recommendation is to borrow a gun and try it out so see how it suits your personal style.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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