28 Gauge Loads

Dear Technoid :

Please gaze into your AA crystal ball and get me a couple of hunting loads for my new 28 ga. I have 800X and Win. AA hulls to work with, wads have not been purchased yet but probably will be Win.AA


Dear Bruce,

I really don’t get into giving out specific reloading data. It keeps the lawyers at bay. That said, 800-X is not really one of my favorite 28 gauge powders, but the IMR manual does list numerous target loads for the 28. I tend to pick ones which incorporate the same brand wad as hull. The only real problem with 800-X is that is has very large fluffy flakes which make metering difficult. Alliant Unique is my favorite 28 gauge powder. It has smaller flakes and meters more easily than 800-X, but the Winchester ball powders meter even better. The problem with 540 in the 28 is that it burns too hot and eats those precious cases up lickety split. Unique has proven to be the best compromise for me in the 28.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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1 Response to 28 Gauge Loads

  1. Gerald A Packard says:

    Check out Longshot for higher velocity 28 ga. loads. I use the load for 1300 fps for quail and sporting clay’s. Have had good luck with the STS hulls so don’t have an opinion on AA HS, although my guess is they will last longer. I use the Remington wad. Recipes at Hodgdon site.


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