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Enjoy your site. Long time reader. First time E-Mailer.

I have a model 48 Franchi 20 ga. that has a fixed choke and a chromed lined barrel. l would like to open it up to Improved. Is this something a reasonably competent gunsmith could do? Do I need to worry about the chrome liner chipping? Or would it be easier to cut off enough of the barrel to get rid of the full choke constriction?

I have read several archived responses to people asking for recommendations on a 28 ga. The Remington catalog shows 1100 28 ga. sporting gun. Have not seen any comments on this new offering. I was considering purchasing this gun with 2 stocks. A short one for kids use and a regular stock for dads use. Of course I would be buying the gun mainly for the benefits of the kids.

Also recently purchased a Beretta 682 gold sporting clays. Have put about 500 rounds through it. It is very tight and difficult to break open the gun. I have tried putting a dab of grease on the pivot pins. It did not seem to help. Also used this gun pheasant hunting this year and twice the gun would not fire. Finally realized the locking/release lever to break open the gun was not closing all the way. Will this gun loosen up with time? Are these 2 separate problems? I do shoot reloads but always resize. Hope this is enough info for a good suggestion.


Dear Jerry,

Chrome barrel chokes, like the Franchi’s, can be easily opened up IF the gunsmith uses a carbide cutter. These are a little more expensive than the standard cutters, so many gunsmiths don’t have them and can’t do the work. There should be no need to shorten the barrel.

There is a common misconception about “chrome” shotgun barrels that they use the same kind of chrome plating that used to flake off your ’49 Desoto’s bumper. I’m no metallurgist by a long shot, but the chrome lining gunmakers use is completely different and definitely, positively doesn’t flake off.

The Remington 1100 28 gauge sporter is a perfectly nice little gun and would be ideal for a youngster if they can handle the weight of the gun. I am sure that Remington can supply a second stock, but switching stock around is going to be a pain in the neck if you do it on a regular basis. And if the kid lets you.

As to the tightness of your 682- some Beretta O/Us are like that, some aren’t. Beretta quality is all over the place. The thing that is most often tight about the Beretta 682 is the forend. I have seen some that Godzilla couldn’t get off. The gun should loosen up in time. Just keep a bit of CLEAN grease on all the parts that rub.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid
(Often in error, never in doubt.)

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  1. Bill says:

    I can recommend Mike Orlen as a competent shotgun barrel specialist to take care of any chrome plated barrel work. He is also very reasonable especially when compared with Briley with a faster turnaround time. Check him out.


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