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Dear Technoid:

I have recently re-discovered my passion for skeet shooting. I have been shooting a trusty 1100 for the past 20 years. My question is this: What ONE 12 ga. shotgun would you buy and then have tubed for all the gauges if one wanted to be competitive in skeet matches and still save a few bucks on the initial investment. Would Briley tubes be the way to go for the tube set?

Mike in Texas

Dear Mike,

This is like asking me which girl to marry or car to buy. This is momentous decision stuff and shouldn’t be left to strangers like me lurking out there in the ether. Still, since you asked…

My guess is that more skeet shooters use the Beretta 682 and Briley tubes than any other semi-reasonably priced combination. Weight and balance aren’t a consideration because once you put tubes in that gun, balance goes out the window. The 682 is a sturdy gun built for clay target shooting. If you get a good one, it will last a very long time. Beretta quality varies more than Browning’s, but just about all the 682s are good. I also like the Browning Citoris very much, but I see more tubed Berettas 682s. The Browning will save you some money though and Browning, unlike Beretta, DOES carry spare parts.

A lot of my friend like Kolar tubes, but I personally have had better luck with Briley tubes. Things change over time, but the Briley tubes I have owned have all been well made and right to spec. The one set of Kolars I bought five years ago was not as good quality. Perhaps the new Kolars are better as I understand the shop has changed somewhat recently, but I have never had a bad tube from Briley. Buy the Brileys and support your local Texans.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid
(Often in error, never in doubt.)

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  1. Gerald A Packard says:

    You can get any Beretta part at Cole’s Guns


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