Motor Mica In Reloads

Here is the Motor Mica report, Sir!

I ran 15 patterns each load with my super-whoopie 1328 ft/s 24 gram reload through the MX2’s 44 point barrel at 35 yards. I was lucky as the wind stayed calm. The temps, by our standards, were in the chilly 40’s.

Rather than bore you with all the numbers, I’ll summarize:

The no-Motor Mica lead-shot reference shell delivered 75%, +7/-9. (The highest % was 82%, the lowest was 66%.) The Motor mica lead-shot shell delivered 76% +3/-4 and The Motor mica shell with the beautiful Fiocchi Nickel plated shot ran 67%, +5/-12.

All shells were scaled and contained 7 1/2 shot. The percentages were measured in my standard 24 inch circle. Hole factor wasn’t much different, except with the nickel plated load, where it was much worse.

Conclusions: The differences were so small that I believe it will take the classic 100 patterns each to really confirm the results. However, it sure looks like the pattern-to-pattern consistency is decidedly improved, at least with black lead. Even the normally erratic 20-inch circle showed consistency improvements. It was interesting to note Motor Mica didn’t change the performance for the nickel plated run. If anything, it made it worse! I guess the MX2 doesn’t like nickel plated shot no matter what. Curious, as the MX2 was made for Olympic Trap and Flyer shooting where nickel plated shot is often preferred.

In summary, pending those 100 pattern runs results, it looks like Motor Mica makes a good load subtly better, but isn’t worth fooling with even at its’ very low cost except for longer range loads where improving pattern consistency becomes important as a matter of confidence in your ammunition.

Mr. Technoid Sir, Hope you enjoyed the report, Sir!


Dear Bill,

Well, experimenting with the Motor Mica makes a lot more sense than the spreader load experiments I did with LifeSavers and a McDonalds soda straw. Man just has to push the envelope.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid
(Often in error, never in doubt.)

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