Casting A Trap Stock

Dear Bruce,

I have a beretta 682 trap gun. I wish to bend the stock. What is considered the best way to obtain the correct amount off cast without harming the stock? David

Dear David,

Although I am many things to many people (mostly incompetent things to many people), I am not a stock maker and would be loathe to recommend a particular bending method. While I feel that most stock makers tend to stick with one bending technique, it is quite possible that the more sophisticated ones vary the method of bending with the stock wood and construction of the gun.

I have seen hot oil, heat lamps, infra red heat and steam all used to produce bends in stocks. I don’t have the vaguest idea which is best to use on your gun. Much of the deciding factor may depend on the type of finish Beretta used on your model. A good stock bender will not require refinishing of the stock. Thinning the inside of the stock is often an easier way to work the wood, especially since you can cut and try as you shoot, but it requires refinishing.

More cast off in a trap gun? Well, if you say so, but normally cast off leads to face slap. Most trap guns have zero cast. OK, maybe not Beretta. They cast everything, but their target stocks are so thick that a bit of cast off just puts them back to normal. Trap shooters are usually more stock “crawlers”, rather than “heads up” shooters. Heads up shooters are more likely to need cast. Crawlers are less likely. I would really think twice about casting a trap gun.

Then again, if that “au” at the end of your Email address means that you come from the country that cleaned up most of the trap medals at the ’96 Atlanta Olympics, you Aussies ought to know what you are doing. Maybe the US team could have used more cast?

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid
(Often in error, never in doubt.)

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