Goldenrod Dehumidifier

Bruce aka shotgun guru:

Golden rod dehumidifier how does it fit in the gun safe with it having an
electrical cord? I’m a reader of shotgun report weekly. Think of a question it’s
probably been asked. Thanks for your time.



I just love my Goldenrod dehumidifier. I’ve had it for at least 20 years and
have never had a gun rust in the safe. For installation, my 18″ Goldenrod
dehumidifier came with a standard electrical plug. It was too big to drill a
hole in the side of the safe, so I cut the electric wire. That let me drill a
small hole through the bottom side of the safe, put the Goldenrod inside and
thread the electric cord out through the hole. Then I reattached the electrical
plug and plugged it in. So simple that even I could do it.

As an aside, I store my guns in the safe muzzle down so that the stocks don’t
get bent. I don’t let the Golden Rod touch anything when I lay it across in the
back. I also make a point of wiping my guns down with a light coating of
Ballistol. It is amazing stuff. It protects the metal and works fine on nicely
varnished wood surfaces. Great product.

You can feel the Goldenrod get warm when you plug it in. It raises the
temperature inside the safe just enough so that things won’t rust. I have no
idea how long it will last, but as I said, mine is over 20 years old and has
been in constant use. Amazon carries them. It was definitely one of the best gun
equipment investments I’ve ever made.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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