Tighter Chokes

Dear Master Technoid:

I felt I just had to share this observation. After shooting sporting clays for about three years, I took my first lesson with a “Pro” instructor two months ago. I’m not a bad sporting clays shooter but I felt I could use help on long birds and on teal shots, which I occasionally go brain dead on.

As does the Technoid, I too have always recorded every shot fired and I’m consistently shooting 85-90% in practice and competition. I averaged this using Skeet and Imp Cyl. almost exclusively. I purchased Warren Johnsons excellent Choke Chooser last year but I STILL couldn’t bring myself to tighten up the chokes as recommended. I felt it would cause too many lost birds because I didn’t think that I was a precise enough shooter. I would use larger shot instead on the longer birds.

My instructor insisted that one of my lessons to take home with me was to practice with Mod. & tighter chokes. I’ve been doing just that for about four weeks now on ALL course shots presented and I can’t believe the shots I’m consistently crushing! Long shots are dropping as regular as short ones. In fact I’m now missing some very close shots due to the tighter chokes but that’s OK with me because I know I will open up on these type shots when competing.

The revelation is that I now realize that most of the longer range targets (35 to 45+ yards) that I’ve been missing were lost not because of my shooting style or technique, but because I wasn’t NEAR tight enough with the chokes! I believe this is also true on other closer, small targets (midi / mini) with “flat” presentations. I now have all the confidence in the world on ANY shot presented. I used to dread the longer presentations and now I feel like these are the presentations that I’ll have an edge in competition. How’s that for confidence?

In any event, the lesson was absolutely worthwhile and the choke issue has changed my strategy forever. I’m that excited about it that I felt I just had to share this, even though I know many good shooters, such as yourself, have already been applying this to their game from day one.

Tightly Yours,

Terry…from the NorthEast

Dear Terry,

Toldyouso, toldyouso.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid
(Often in error, never in doubt.)

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