Moving Point Of Impact To Left


I am relatively new to trap and have been missing birds i shouldn’t have. I went
out and patterned my Browning Ultra XT and discovered the bulk of shot was to
the right of aimpoint. What is the solution?

Daniel Kuzdale


If your gun shoots to the right and, I am assuming, you are right handed, simply
take some masking tape or Dr. Scholls flannel padding or something else and
layer it on the left side of your comb where your cheek goes. This will move
your cheek out from the stock and move the point of impact back towards the
left. Ugly as it is, don’t be shy about shooting it for a while like that. Add
and subtract tape until everything feels right. Taping will let you see if
changing the stock will cure your problem.

If taping works, now you basically have two choices: You can get an adjustable
comb put on your stock. This will allow you to tinker with it for ever. Or you
can take the gun with all the tape on it to a stocksmith and have the stock bent
to suit. Both procedures should cost something around $150 to $200 or

The adjustable comb has the advantage of being adjustable down the road as your
shooting technique matures or your weight changes. Bending the stock is fine
once your technique is settled and weight is consistent. Since you are a new
shooter, I’d go with the adjustable comb stock. It gives you the most
flexibility and shouldn’t hurt the resale value of your target gun should you
inevitably decide that you can buy a better score with something new.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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