Ask the Instructor: Puzzling Pair

Source: Ask the Instructor: Puzzling Pair

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  1. While Dons answer is all correct…… is way to complicated for 90% of the shooters out there. I teach a much simpler method. I ask my students, “Which target do you NOT want to shoot 2nd?” On true pairs I tell my students to ask for two pairs to see. Zero in on one bird, go bang at the break point……….notice where the 2nd. bird is and what it is doing. Ask for another pair, switch birds…..Now see where the other bird is at your 1st. break point, and what is it doing. After you have seen both in a true pair situation you can decide which bird you want to shoot first, and how you adjust hold and break points to facilitate effecient gun movement to the 2nd. bird. Basically you are saying…..” I want to shoot the bird that will become uglier and uglier the longer it flies FIRST to take that one out of the equasion. Simple method, works very well………………………


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