Selling Dad’s Remington 3200


I would like to sell my dad’s Remington 3200 Over and Under 12 Gauge Shotgun. I
have the paperwork showing it was updated by the Remington Arms Company in
Ilion, New York in February, 1986. I need help please with how to go about
selling it. Thank you.



If one of your local gun stores handles shotguns, take it there and ask if they
would buy it or take it on consignment. They can give you a rough idea of the
selling price by consulting the Blue Book of Gun Values. It will depend on the
model, configuration and condition. They should tell you that. A plain field gun
in 98% condition is worth about $1,000 retail, while a Pigeon Grade Competition
trap can be worth over $2,000 when the dealer sells it. Expect to get 1/2 to 2/3
of that price from the dealer.

Or you could put up a “for Sale” notice on the bulletin board at the local gun

Or you might try posting on,, or They will give you a feel for what
others are charging and are a good spot to list your gun.

Best of luck,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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