Beads On Shotgun Barrels

Senor Technoid,

If, in theory at least, we should not “aim” a shotgun, but merely point it via hand – eye coordination; why then are there beads on the barrel??? I can understand why there might be for anal retentive, pre-mount types like trap shooters, but why on a sporting clays gun?

Also, I know of at least one highly ranked shooter, Pat Lieske, who removed all beads from his barrel. What do you think of that idea??

As always, your insightful musings will be greatly appreciated.


Dear Nelson,

I think that the beads on a shotgun are extremely important. When I lean my gun up against a tree, the front bead can carefully be placed in a hollow of the bark. This stabilizes the gun and makes it less likely to fall.

The middle bead is also necessary. It keeps the front bead company so that it doesn’t get lonely, sort of like putting a goat in the stall with your horse. A lonely front bead may not do its job properly.

And- who says that trap shooters are anal-retentive? Skeet and sporting clays manage to keep theirs too.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid
(Often in error, never in doubt.)

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