Release Trigger

What is a release trigger and is it common?



A release trigger is one which drops the hammer when it is released after
having been pulled back. The usual trigger works when it is first pulled back.
The point of a release trigger is to ease the trigger pull for someone who
flinches. Apparently most of the flinching takes place on the pull, not on
releasing the trigger. It is most popular in American-style trap. Usually,
when a gun has a release trigger, a red sticker is placed on the stock
announcing such.

If someone were not expecting a release trigger he might first pull the
trigger and when nothing happened let go of the trigger when the gun wasn’t
safely pointed. I’ve shot guns with release triggers at trap and once you get
used to it, they work just fine. It does take a while to adjust your timing,
but it works out.

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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