Report Pair Problems

Dear Technique-oid

There’s nothing more frustrating than consistently missing the second bird in a report pair. If I can hit the first, what’s going haywire on the second? It’s exactly the same presentation. Is there any such thing as a “typical” error in form that causes this to happen?


Dear Mike,

Well, it is tough to tell without seeing you in action, but I can make guesses as well as the next guy.

On the first bird of an identical report pair you are probably starting with a low gun, or at least one off the face. On the second bird, you may be leaving the gun up in your face and shooting a fully mounted gun. If your stock is a touch too low, the additional cheek pressure of a mounted gun might cause you to miss that second bird.

Just a guess, but check your gun fit. You could also try dismounting and remounting for the second bird when timing of the pair permits it.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid
(Often in error, never in doubt.)

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3 Responses to Report Pair Problems

  1. Jim Jones says:

    I think Tom F has it exactly right, but I’m puzzled about the question. Mike says the second bird in the report pair is “exactly the same presentation.” But that doesn’t happen with a report pair, which are thrown from different machines. Maybe he is referring to a following pair (rafale double)? But isn’t that pair pretty uncommon?


  2. In many students in report pairs, the first bird is planned perfectly, and you execute what you want to do well, however since the 2nd bird is now being thrown the hold point is flawed due to you rushing to get to that bird……and that is when trouble comes into play. Make sure your 2nd. hold point is as good as your first one when planning your shots, AND your eyes go directly to the 2nd. hold point after you complete the first shot. You gun will follow your eyes to that 2nd. hold point. Remember, a report pair is NOT a pair of birds. It is ONE single bird, totally completed to it’s break, followed by another single bird, totally completed to it’s break. If you are thinking two birds, or a pair……… will be constantly rushing trying to get to that 2nd. bird, and when that happens mistakes in gun management come into play. Remember, we play this game with a scapel, not a chain saw. Perfect planning creates perfect execution. Try that and see if it helps. When you practice with a buddy…………tell him to give you a little more time to get to that 2nd. hold point, which will allow you to make it perfect. Then as you perfect that…..begin to throw report pairs as usual. That split second of extra time will allow your brain to understand the importance of perfect execution to that 2nd. hold point, and make it realize, you do not have to rush to get there, (or rush the first shot to get there) and then things will become automatic. Hope this helps.


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