Shooting With One Eye

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  1. Wow, I don’t think I have every disagreed with a video more. Firstly, eye dominance is not just right or left…… can vary from totally left or right to as little as a slight amount either way. For example, I am an R0-L3, which means I have a slight amount of left eye involvement, and for me, or for someone with that little involvement, patching is not the way to go. Personally, I blink down all targets coming from the left….but that is my solution, it may not be for everyone, and there are other ways to solve the problem. You must test to determine how much opposite eye involvement a person has. Because of this, there are multiple ways to correct the problem, and patching, IS NOT the only way to solve the problem, every person is different….and patching is only one solution. Also when you patch, it is not just blocking out that offending eye. You want to patch so you see the target with both eyes as it comes to the gun, and then as your head gets lowered to the stock……your opposite eye becomes blocked forcing your other eye to take over, down the rib. You need both eyes in most target games to enhance peripheral vision…..and give your brain as much feedback about the target as possible. You lose peripheral vision, you lose a lot. Also, when you switch a person to the opposite shoulder, it must be done based on the persons experience level, length of shooting time, age, and other factors. Just because you find a person is 100% opposite dominance, does not mean you switch them over. For young shooters, and newbies, etc, it is 100% viable….for a person that has shot for years, and now finds his/her eye dominance has changed, (which it does) or he/she just finds out they are opposite dominant, after years of shooting……..then it would be like asking a person to get in a car in England and drive around town. It does not work so well.
    So, while some of the things said in this video are “options” for the opposite dominant eyed shooter, I urge anyone with eye issues to first see an eye specialist that works with “shooters”, and knows the shooting game, such as Dr. Richard Colo, and then after it is sorted out with your eye professional, you see a competent Professional Instructor that knows and can sort out your eye issue on the shooting course. Eye issues are tricky, and unless the person standing behind you knows and can identity eye issues when he or she sees you shoot………… will be heading down a dark path, with literally, no light at the end of the tunnel. You will miss targets that look like they should break to you, but in reality, the gun is far from in the correct place. Hope this helps.


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