Extended Chokes=Increased Barrel Length?

Dear Technoid,

I have no idea how to ask this question in order for it to make sense but if anyone can figure it out, you, the Technoid can.

My favorite and frequent shooting partner has an older Perazzi. It wasn’t really a sporting gun when introduced but a really heavy field gun that he uses for Sporting. Something with a 5 or maybe a 3 in the model name. Somebody turned him on to Mueller chokes which are just fine and all that. They look like they stick out 3 inches, visually turning his 30 inch barrels into 33 inch barrels. My F3 has Mueller’s and they stick out nearly 2 inches. I have to use a longer than normal case for the 32 inch plus Mueller chokes.

What I am trying to ask is what is the visual difference in a 30 inch barrel with 2 inch chokes and a 32 inch barrel with flush or fixed chokes? If you can, forget the weight differential, handling like a pig on a shovel, thing. Could not barrel length increases, at least visually if not ounce for ounce, be attained by the ingenuity of a choke maker?

Thanks again.


Dear Steve,

As I understand it, you want to know if extended chokes increase the visual barrel length? I’m assuming that you mean increased barrel length affecting sight picture on a target lead.

My cogitated answer is “Yes” and “No”. Well, sorta. Here’s what I mean.

I’m a hunter and ex-international skeet shooter, so I shoot sporting and skeet with a dismounted low gun. I sort of cheat and put the butt under my armpit so that I have to push the barrel towards the target as I raise it. This gets my body into the motion of the target and keeps my weight slightly forward. When you shoot with a slightly lowered gun like this, longer chokes do visually extend the muzzzle and do affect the sight picture as the gun is being raised.

BUT… if you start with a premounted gun, then you are looking right down the barrel and barrel length really can’t affect sight picture or lead on the target. It’s like putting your face down on a road. You can’t tell how long the road is with your eye right down on it. But stand up so that your eye is above the road and you can get an idea of its length. Same with the gun. When premounted, even with a very slightly high stock showing a little bit of the rib, you can’t tell how long the barrel is.

That’s why I believe that barrel length is really more a question of weight and balance than visual sight picture if you shoot premounted.

Muller chokes? Jimmy Muller and I lived in the same town in Connecticut when he was starting out 20 years ago and I knew him pretty well. He made parts for airplanes and definitely knew his alloys. Those are good chokes.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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