Fix A High Shooting Gun

Dear Technoid,

OK the age old question of is it me or the gun ! lol I bought an Italian gun I
am having a hard time hitting anything with it. I am told they are designed to
shoot high ? I did pattern mine @16 yards. At any rate it shot ( for me ) high
90% pattern above the orange dot. Alright this is a lot of vague info . But what
would you suggest to lower the point of aim ? Raise vented rib ? Sell the gun !
(I am an ok shot 20-21 type at skeet) Maybe 10-12 with mentioned gun.




I don’t think that the average Italian gun is designed to “shoot high”. They
should be average, unless they are trap guns. If your gun does shoot high for
you, and it sounds as though it does, the type of fix you follow will depend on
your sight picture. When you mount the gun, do you look straight down the rib?

Do you look over the rib and see a bit of rib? Do you look over the rib and see
a lot of rib? If you look flat down the rib and the gun shoots high, then it is
built into the barrels. Ditto if you see just a bit of rib when you mount. If
you see a bunch of rib when you mount the gun, then the stock is too high for

If you see a lot of rib, then the easy fix for a gun that shoots high is just to
sand the comb of the stock down until the gun shoots flat. Take some coarse
sandpaper on a sanding block to your pattern board. Shoot, sand, shoot sand,
etc. When the point of impact is close but just a little high, quit and take it
home and lightly sand to a finish and then give it a few coats of Tru-Oil. Then
pattern it again and sand a touch more if necessary/ Removing wood is easy.

Adding it back is hard. If your sight picture on the rib is flat or nearly so
and you are 90% above your aim point, then the gun really does shoot high. A
different rib will help, but they often look funny. An adjustable comb won’t
help in this situation because your sight picture would never be right. If it
were my gun, I’d probably sell it, but it’s not my gun so it’s easy for me to

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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