A Perfect Gun Mount

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2 Responses to A Perfect Gun Mount

  1. Dale W Arenz says:

    I am a ruffed grouse hunter and shoot sporting clays to help my grouse shooting. For that reason when I shoot clays my gun is at the hip level as I carry it hunting. When I hear the trap release the clay (same as when I hear or see the grouse erupt, then I bring the gun up ro my shoulder and start tracing the clay (grouse). Your advice is ok for clay shooting but you would soon get tired carrying the gun your way all day hunting. That gun mount from my hip makes me a better grouse hunter and that is the name of the game.


    • Thomas H Milstead says:

      Concur with Mr. Arenz, Shoot at Greater Houston Gun Club. Very rarely do I see low gun mount on skeet & sporting clays. I always shoot low gun to practice gun mount period.


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