Field Stock Dimensions

Dear Bruce,

Your web sight is super……….

I know that trap gun stocks are designed to shoot high for rising targets……what is the difference between a skeet stock and a field stock? ……..

I notice in the catalogs that certain Sporting guns are built “over field dimensions” what does this all mean?

Can a field gun be used for skeet and sporting if choked adequately?

Boots on and shovel at the ready, I await your reply


Dear Ed,

YOU wear the boots. I use the shovel.

The stock names of “trap”, “skeet”, “sporting clays” and “field” are really vague. It is sort of like dish detergents using the terms “cleaner” and “brighter”. Generally, “trap” stock are indeed higher so that a shooter can hold on or slightly beneath the usual rising trap target. In my experience, standard factory dimensioned sporting clays, field and skeet stocks are all more or less the same- a bit lower than trap stocks (but not always). I have seen quite a few stocks on sporting clays and skeet guns that are just about as high as standard trap stocks.

It really all depends on what fits you. For example, I shoot ALL my clay target games with guns stocked the same way. I have high cheek bones and a standard trap stock, lengthened about 1″, suits me fine. It forces me to “cover” my trap targets, but since I shoot much more ISU style trap than ATA style, this is fine. Someone with lower cheekbones, a different facial structure or different shooting stance (head held more or less erect) might feel differently.

A gun with “field” stock dimensions should be just fine for Olympic skeet and sporting clays which are low gun games. Well, sporting now permits a mounted gun, but most people still shoot low gun. For American-style mounted gun skeet, many people use trap stocks, or at least stocks that are longer than the usual field stock. It should only matter when you are starting to win stuff. On the way up a field stocked gun should be more than adequate and you may end up preferring it even when you become the local skeet hero.

I wish that I could be more specific, but the stock makers sure aren’t.

Boots off, shovel down, beer open.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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