Ask the Instructor: Recoil Sensitivity

Source: Ask the Instructor: Recoil Sensitivity

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1 Response to Ask the Instructor: Recoil Sensitivity

  1. Bill E. says:

    I will have the temerity to challenge Mr. Currie to show any empirically based information where porting of shotgun barrels display lessened recoil to the shooter. In addition, the reduction achieved by chamber forcing cone lengthening is very negligible and I have never seen any data to support it either.
    Finally, I would submit that short and steep chamber forcing cones are no longer commonly found on any target gun or hunting guns either. They were commonplace decades ago during the card/fiber era to assist in quick sealing of gases behind the shot charge. They have not been used for a very long time now.
    Constantly repeating these very old ideas by authorities like Mr. Currie et al, does not make them any more true today than yesteryear.


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