Faster Pellets

Dear Technoid,

First let me says thanks for all your writings I enjoy your columns immensely!!
Especially the last one regarding shot strings.And I like to note that the
turkey pan under the reloader has saved me on numerous occasions. My question is
what is the benefit of a faster shell say 1300 FPS vs 1200 FPS? I know a lot,
but not all of the top shots shoot fast shells anywhere between 1250 FPS and
1350 FPS, my question is what does the additional speed by them besides recoil,
since I remember at least some of the Physics I learned, the faster pellets slow
down faster than the slower pellets slow down, but what is the end result???

Thanks for your response.



Faster pellets have more energy. There. That was a typical Technoidal cogent
statement for sure. BUT… it sure isn’t as much as you would think.

Compare a #7-1/2 pellet at 1200 fps to one at 1295 fps. That’s a difference of
95 fps at the start. At 40 yards, that #7-1/2 started at 1200 fps will be going
675 fps, while the one started at 1295 will have slowed down to 705 fps, only 30
fps faster. That’s because the faster a pellet starts out, the faster it slows
down. At 40 yards, that difference has gone from 1.3 ft/lbs pellet energy for
the 1200 load to 1.4 ft/lbs energy for the 1295 load.

In the real world, the faster shell will alter the lead distance a tiny bit and
increase the energy of the pellet a touch, but is it really enough to matter?
What does matter is that the faster shell will increase recoil 17%. That you
will definitely feel.

On the plus side, the faster pellet will drop .3″ less at 40 yards (2.6″ vs
2.9″), if that matters.

I got most of this info from the Lyman Shotshell Reloading Handbook. The rest I
made up. So there you go.

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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1 Response to Faster Pellets

  1. Thomas H Milstead says:

    Shoot the same speed shell in practice as you do when hunting. Hence, don’t think.


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