Soft to Hard Focus Transition | Giambrone Shooting Clinics

Source: Soft to Hard Focus Transition | Giambrone Shooting Clinics

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  1. Roccaas says:

    I would appreciate the insight of any ophthalmology or optometry trained specialists on my view of this topic from behind the gun.

    Over the past two years of skeet shooting, I’ve noticed that I track the target by color and color change.

    Using a soft focus near the window, my peripheral vision sees a grey streak; as I move my eyes, body and bore to the target, I see the orange of the disc in my central vision and almost automatically fire on the target. I’m really triggered by seeing the ridges on the leading edge of the disc.

    This is harder to do under filtered light; dusk, or overcast, or against a dark (tree) background. I often change my shooting glasses (I’m LASIK corrected) from Rose to Amber to Clear as the light declines during a shoot in order to maximize my vision of the grey blur and the firm view of the orange disc.

    Is there any science behind my shift from monochromatic/peripheral/fast motion over to color/central vision/focusing on the details of the target from the perspective of a predator response?



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