28 Gauge Chokes For Sporting

Dear Technoid:

I am about to trade my over weight 28 ga. “Companion” tube set in for a pair of “Ultralights”. I know I want two skeet chokes but the other two I would like your opinion on. They will be used for short to mid range Sporting courses. The short course is 20-25yd shots (Skeetable) and the mid-range is 25-35yds (station B). I use 8.5 size shot w/12.5grns of green dot from a Winchester case,wad and primer. The gun is a 28″ Ber.682. I am thinking about a light modified and modified. Based on the theory of an 80% 2-3 pellet hit and the fact that the sun is a long way away.

And the answer is?

Keep up the outstanding effort!

Thx Rob

Dear Rob,

When I was selecting chokes for my zero weight gain Briley tube set, I picked pairs of .005″ and .015″ in all three gauges. This combination has worked marvelously well in the 28. The .005″s seem just about perfect for skeet with #9s, while the .015″s are my general sporting clays choke for use with #8s. It is a bit snug for skeet, but you can live with it. It is also a bit loose for the genuine 40 yard crosser on our FITASC parcour, but it will hit it pretty hard if I luck out and point the gun right. If I had to pick one all purpose choke for the 28, it would be that .015″ to use along with my favorite 28 gauge load of hard #8s and Unique. .015″ also happened to be the “modified” constriction that my Browning Model 12 28 gauge came with and I really like the way that choke performed.

Some people like using two different chokes, but I really wouldn’t bother with it in the 28. Lt Mod and Mod are so close with that 3/4 oz of shot that it really doesn’t matter much. .005″ and .015″ makes a very nice near and far combination. Frankly, in most of the sub-gauge shoots I have been in with the 28, I just leave in the .015″s. Same in .410 and 20 (though I do admit to using skeet a bit more often in the 20).

Also, don’t forget, you can always order some extra ultra full chokes later on. I believe that Briley will also exchange chokes for a nominal fee if you find that the ones you have don’t perform to your satisfaction.

You mean that for extra $ Briley is taking those “tons of fun” companion tubes that weigh about 16 oz and giving you back some 10 ouncers?! Atta boy. Good for you and good for Briley.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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