Gold On Guns

Good morning,

Please advise wisdom and effectiveness of using the 23 carat liquid gold inlay treatment of Mirage 12 ga sporting classic over only the “sporting classic” in small script on right side of gun. It seems that if done properly, the all-blue receiver would be enhanced.

As always, I respect the opinions and info of the master bang bang guru!!!!!


Dear EJ,

Gold is good. The more of it you can slather on your gun the better. This way you will always look successful walking out to the course, even though you may not actually prove so on your return.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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2 Responses to Gold On Guns

  1. Bill E. says:

    As an update to my comment on contacting CG about making a Revanent sans the gold; they said they could NOT provide a gun in that manner. Kind of strange but then I am not sure how much of that Revenant is pure production VS hand inlay work.


  2. William R Eddleman says:

    What EJ proposes seems to me to be an appealing enhancement.

    However, I am a less is better when it comes to gold on a gun. A good example is the new Revenant made by CG. It has gold inlays sprinkled around so much it looks like gold droppings from a golden goose!

    I am even going to contact CG if they would produce a Revenant sans all the gold. It would IMO be a big improvement and maybe a gun I would then be interested in owning because it is otherwise an elegant shotgun.


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