MEC Adjustable Bushing Bar


You made a reference to using a “Canadian adjustable bushing bar”. Would you give me more information on this as well as where to get one of my very own.

Thank you,


Dear David,

One of your very own? Well, of course. It is called a Universal Charge Bar. You can search for it on the web.

The bar fits only the MEC reloaders and comes in two models, one for the auto-indexing MECs and one for the manual indexing. The bars will handle steel shot also.

I use the Universal Charge Bars on my 12 and 20 gauge MECS because I often changes loads on the fly on these machines. I used fixed bushings on my 410 and 28 as I do not change loads on those.

I have found the Universal Charge Bar to be a real time saver. It has never “shifted” or wandered on me while set (it has little lock screws) and is very easy to adjust. Each end of the bar as a vernier turn screw attachment. Once you get the throw weight that you want, you can make a note of it and return to that approximate setting at any later time. A little fine tuning and you are back in action- dead on accurate. If you tend to change powders and loads (like any good Junior Technoid should do constantly), this charge bar is invaluable. It is one of the reasons that I use a MEC rather than a Ponsness Warren or Hornady. (There are other reasons too, though).

One addendum, since I am on a roll. Obviously, you must have a scale for use with the adjustable bar. You ought to scale your charges even if you only use bushings. Bushings, especially powder bushings, are notoriously inaccurate. I have seen some MEC bushings which were 15% off. When you buy a powder scale, make sure to get one that measures at least 1,000 grains. Don’t settle for the less expensive 500 grain models if you can help it. A 1,000 grain scale can weigh an entire completed 1 1/8 oz cartridge. When you reload 1 1/8 oz, 1 oz and 7/8 oz shells interchangeably, this can really come in handy when you forget which loads are in which boxes. Trust the Technoid on that one.

The adjustable bushing bar is a great addition for any MEC owner who likes to tinker or optimize his loads. It is Technoid Endorsed. Just make sure to use it in conjunction with a good scale and weigh your charges on a regular basis. You can’t be too careful. You don’t want to be “hoist by his own petard” as Willy S. said four hundred years ago when reloaders could really get into trouble.

Best regard,

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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2 Responses to MEC Adjustable Bushing Bar

  1. Jim Garren says:

    The adjustable bars are no longer made, you may find one on Ebay but prices have gone way up.


  2. Ed Sybert says:

    Dear Technoid: You mentioned that there are two versions, one for “manual” indexing MECs and one for “auto-indexing” MECs. Actually, one version is for single stage MECs, and the other for progressive MECs. The spacing between the “bushing” holes is different. -Ed


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