A Trap Stock on a Sporting Gun

Dear Bruce,

For an experienced shooter what’s the best way to go about getting a trap stock fitted to a sporting gun.

1) buy two guns, a trap and sporting and swop the stocks over.

2) try and obtain a spare trap stock.

3) search for a used gun with a bespoke trap style stock (like I did with my Blaser F3 Pro – a rare beast indeed with 35mm/41mm comb height) Sheer luck finding it.

4) shoot sporting with a trap gun. That’s all the methods I can think of. Thanks again for the great articles.




Due to my build, I also shoot trap stocks at sporting clays. One way of getting the extra height that seems very popular these days is to have an adjustable comb installed on the existing stock. That doesn’t cost too much and has the plus of allowing you to experiment with different heights. A more involved approach is to have a skilled stockmaker refit the head of the existing stock so as to raise it to the dimensions you want. Another approach which is messier, but cheap, is to simply cut off the top of the existing stock and glue on a taller chunk of wood, which you can then shave down and refinish to suit youself. It will look, ugly, but will be functional. Buying a trap stock will saddle you with that particular trap stock’s dimensions, whether you like that or not.

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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