Chokes For Steel

dear Bruce Buck

i want to ask a few question that i have in mind .i use brownin maxus . maxus 740 inç.for steel shot at Close Range,mediım,long and extreme range ,what inch narrowing would you recommend? and how many inches chokes should it be for best pattern?

Thank you so much -best regards adem

Dear Adem,

Steel shot patterns differently than lead shot does. Because it doesn’t distort the way lead does, steel usually patterns tighter than lead and thus needs less choke. But it really all depends on the particular shell you are using. All steel shells are not the same and will pattern differently, just as lead shells do. Briley has a bit on their website which might prove helpful. In it they compare the various lead chokes and what they would produce when shooting steel:

 .000″Cylinder Skeet
 .005″Skeet Improved Cylinder
 .010″Improved  Cylinder Modified
 .015″Light Modified Improved Modified
 .020″Modified Full
.025″Improved  Modified  Extra Full
.030″Light  Full  N/A
.035″Full N/A
.040″Extra  Full  N/A

Using the above information, you ought to be able to work out how lead shot chokes will work with steel shot. But do be aware that different sized lead and steel pellets do perform differently. the only to really know what you have got with the particular choke and shell that you are using is to pattern test it with at least three shots per combination. It’s a lot of work.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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1 Response to Chokes For Steel

  1. blackwellopt says:

    I use Kent Tungsten Matrix, not steel. Can shoot it a new or old gun. It’s the closest shell density to lead.


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