Shooting Steel Ammo

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2 Responses to Shooting Steel Ammo

  1. blackwellopt says:

    More politically correct & high tone nonsense from the Brits. You had better believe I shoot lead at clay & dove/quail birds.,,,B&P F2 Mach or Winchester Super Sport SC 12 gauge, 1-1/8 oz , 7-1/2 or 8 shot, 1300 ft/sec . Use Jay Meneffe’s pheasant loads. For non toxic on duck, Kent Tungsten Matrix is the best & patterns like high antimony lead. Columbaire pigeons Federal copper plated lead. Johnny & Simon talk too fast for me. They never go into detail about shells or chokes on their videos. I believe in pellet count. Enuff said.


  2. Bill E. says:

    IMO it is too bad we have gotten to this point perpetuated by the hysteria surrounding lead shot. We will see how the UK fares with these new regulations when the meat that they present for market is consumed. People may wish they had not been so opposed to lead shot for game meat consumption. The dental profession will certainly benefit from the move to steel.

    I think the plastic wads left all over the fields is a far more unsightly and have longer lasting side effect of shooting than the lead shot. That issue is easily fixed via fiber wads. Glad to see a renewed impetus to use more of those types of waddings.


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