Temporary Comb Adjustments


I am looking for a used Perazzi MX8 bunker gun but until I can find what I want, I would like to make temporary modifications to my sporting 682 Gold E to shoot bunker. I tried shooting bunker with it as is, but can’t hit much. I do much better with my 391 trap gun but want to get away from a semi auto in bunker.

I plan to add a pad to the comb with tape but I don’t know how high it should be. Any suggestions on the height? I can just go out and try shims but it would be nice to have a starting place. By the way, I shoot bunker at Tampa Bay Sporting Clays and understand you sometimes shoot there as well.

Howard Piper


If stock height is the only issue with your gun and you are looking for a temporary fix, build up the stock height with tape or adhesive flannel patches. Don’t use one of those soft rubber pads that goes over the top of the comb and partially down the sides because that alters your cast in addition to the height. With tape you can just cut thin strips to raise just the comb and not affect the cast.

Tape is very convenient because you can increase or decrease the stock height bit by bit as you wish. If you want to make a more permanent adjustment, have an adjustable comb installed.

I really can’t suggest a starting point for stock height for bunker as everyone is different. My bunker gun is an FN B25 and I use it for sporting clays also with the same stock height. I like all my guns to shoot just a little high, but that’s just me and what I am used to. If your 391 Trap gun works well, build your 682 up to that height and start there, taking tape on or off as needed. Just remember not to run the tap down the sides unless you want to alter cast.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid


Thank you for the prompt response and good ideas all around. It makes sense to copy the 391 as a starting place since I do much better with it. Maybe a higher shooting gun in sporting clays will help me as well.

Howard Piper

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