Zach Kienbaum’s Beretta DT11

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1 Response to Zach Kienbaum’s Beretta DT11

  1. Bill E. says:

    Every manufacturer since the advent of choke boring has claimed that their barrels give the “best” or most “consistent” patterns of all gun makers. All have made these or similar claims at some point.

    Beretta touts this starting from the beginning of this video and of course Zach B. echoes it unequivocally.

    I would love to see the independent empirical data to support any of those claims by either Beretta or Zach B. Yet it is never presented because it simply does not exist.

    Therefore, how can some of these claims be made? A solid case of marketing hyperbole! I don’t buy it.

    However, since confidence in your equipment is key to great performance, I understand how as a shooter Zach B. really benefits in believing all the claims made by Beretta.

    Beretta, if these alleged benefits truly exist, why not provide the independent testing results? Without that information, it is just more marketing blah, blah, blah!


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