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Shotgun Report® is a website/blog dedicated to shotguns and their use in the shooting sports and hunting. It contains articles, Q&A, videos, podcasts, and comments from readers.

Bruce Buck is the principle contributor.

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14 Responses to About Shotgun Report®

  1. Roger Nodine says:

    Bruce, I am still alive and shooting my 44 year old Comp 1 very well. I added a set of 31″ barrels for sporting clays. God Bless. Roger Nodine


  2. jonbastable says:

    Am wondering why a hunter/shooter would chose a 16ga over a 12 or 20? Is there some advantage that a 16 ga has? Just wondering…


  3. Dougald MacArthur says:

    I have enjoyed your column for a while now and you seem to relish your role as the diplomat technocrat. I guess I just find all the agonizing rather amusing but you never seem to hear from folks such as myself.

    You know what? If I spent $9,000 on a shotgun and then wrote to you with mild trepidations about its worthiness, I’d spend another $9,000 to get my mental health back.

    Way back in the old days I bought a used Kresge 12 gauge bolt action for $5. It was a ‘can’t miss” gun. I used it for years until one day it just broke and fell apart. I believe the secret was that I knew where the gun shot and where the bird was going to be when the pellets arrived. These days I use a Cynergy Feather 12 gauge and get the same results.

    I don’t think much about chokes. My thought is that whatever you think you gain using a particular choke you lose something too; so I go for open choke all the time since most shots are within 40 yards. For ducks that always seem to fly fast and far away, I turn to my L.C. Smith field grade double. That gun is 85 years old and gets the job done just fine.

    When at the skeet or trap range, I can go through a couple of hundred rounds and never notice the recoil. That’s probably because I know how to hold the gun correctly.

    I suppose I’m not much good for the arms economy but diverting available resources to older whiskey and younger women is a lot more fun.

    Keep up the good work


  4. Doug Ente says:

    Just found SR. Now its in my “favorites”


  5. Bruce Buck says:

    I don’t do old guns. No old guns. None. Not any. Every now and then I
    have to remind the readers of this one flaw in the otherwise
    pluperfect encyclopaedic knowledge of Shotgun’s Shameless Shaman, the
    Turgid Technoid. I do thank you for your faith in me, but I assure you
    that it is misplaced.

    I don’t do old guns because, like Dorothy’s Toto pulling the Wizard’s
    curtain aside, they expose my monumental ignorance for all the world
    to see and marvel at. With modern guns I can usually make up enough
    stuff to get by, or at least plagiarize from the catalogues or
    magazine articles of my betters.

    But with old guns, my ignorance stands out like spinach between my
    teeth. For old gun information you should go to old gun people. Try
    the folks at Antique Guns at for starters. They
    have an “Ask the Experts” section for old shotguns.

    Of course, the most humiliating situation of all is when I mistake a
    “new” gun for an “old” one. To get around this, I am restructuring my
    definitions of “old” and “new” so as to avoid future embarrassment
    based on gross ignorance. Henceforth, an “old” gun is one I don’ t
    know anything about. A “new” gun is one concerning which I can at
    least conjure up some convincing fiction. There. Clear? Works for me.

    Best regards,

    Bruce Buck
    The Technoid writing for Shotgun Report, LLC


  6. John says:

    Where do I find a $value on a approx 80 year old double barrel shot gun Richardson


  7. jon bastable says:

    How do I post a question in this format??



  8. Just came across this site, so I don’t know too much about new v old, but I think the content is great & free! Tthis site is clearly a labor of love, so I don’t think it is right for anyone to complain.

    Maybe integrate some google ads on the sidebar – they’re not obtrusive and hey, you might get yourself a “free” box of shells now and then.

    Keep up the great site!


  9. David Shade says:

    Hate the new forat !!!!!!!!!!


  10. Chris G. says:

    I liked the second revision – stuff was easy to find, clearly catagorized depending what area you preferred. If you wanted reloading – you went to reloading, etc. This latest re-incarnation is bland, severely lacking in any info other than the last 3-4 posts on the right hand side of the screen, and where you could follow the responses to questions posed over several weeks on the previosu version, this latter version just seems, for want of a better few words…. dead in comparison . I wont be bothering to frequent it anymore in the current format – all detail seems to be lost which is what shotgun report stood for – simple easy to read accurate info – now its gone.


  11. dudefromthenorth says:

    And well, the old format still worked better. This one doesn’t seem as bad as the previous version, which was, as I told the moderator, excretable. I still don’t see what was so bad about the “old” original format. Simply being “old” isn’t necessarily a handicap. I certainly, in the first iteration, didn’t see any problems with interaction with the “Technoid”.



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