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One Gun, Trap Version

Greetings. I am looking to purchase my first shotgun. I am interested in shooting trap mainly, but want a gun that would also be applicable for skeet. I have been shooting a friends Premier 1187 12 gauge w/ Monte Carlo … Continue reading

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303 Berettas

Dear Technoid, You’ve another A303 Convert. Two actually. After conversing with you on the merits of the 303 and searching shotgunreport for all the 303 info it contains, I decided to pick up a 26″ barrel A303 12 ga for … Continue reading

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Remington 11-87 As Good As Beretta 391?

Dear Technoid, All over the place I’ve read about how great the Urika 391 is. I shot one and it seemed a lot like the AL390 with all (some?) of the problems fixed. I shoot Remington 11-87’s and I like … Continue reading

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Which “All Clays” Guns For Guy And Gal

Hi Bruce, I’m new to shotgunning and have been enjoying your website tremendously. I would like your advice on an upcoming shotgun purchase. I only started shooting back in May and am completely hooked! My buddy started a skeet league … Continue reading

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Assembly And Maintenance of Beretta A400

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Ports And Taper Backboring

Technoid: I have a Beretta 682 Gold Sporting that I’m thinking of dumping a whole lot more money into, but would value an opinion first. My particular model is not ported nor is it backbored, and I’m thinking of sending … Continue reading

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The Technoid Opines-Briefly, on A400, BPS Trap

Your opinion on the Beretta A400 and the Browning BPS Trap? I have a synth. 3901 28 inch barrel for everything (doves, ducks, all clay target games, and turkey. My daughters required removal almost 2 inches off the stock of … Continue reading

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