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Ports And Taper Backboring

Technoid: I have a Beretta 682 Gold Sporting that I’m thinking of dumping a whole lot more money into, but would value an opinion first. My particular model is not ported nor is it backbored, and I’m thinking of sending … Continue reading

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Velocity Vs Barrel Length And Porting

Dear Technoid, It seems more manufactures are porting their barrels. Even Mossberg with their 835 Ultra Mag is in the game. My question is – what price does one pay in terms of velocity for the feature. I have heard … Continue reading

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Barrel Modifications…

Few things are closer to the heart of the Technoid than projects which have the potential to really mess up a good gun. To be truly worthwhile, a gun project has to have risk. Anyone can alter their gun when … Continue reading

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Barrel Porting

Dear Technoid Please comment about barrel porting and what it accomplishes in terms of recoil and gun movement on an o/u 12 gauge. Thank you Donald Dear Donald, I don’t favor ported barrels on shotguns. Here’s why in a nutshell: … Continue reading

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Porting Improves Patterns?

Dear Bruce: For trap singles I shoot an 870 TC. It is weighted and has a Morgan adjustable pad. I also had a local gunsmith reduce the trigger pull to four pounds. I have about 8500 rounds through the gun, … Continue reading

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Porting, Again

Bruce, I am appealing to you on a disagreement I have had with a couple of shooters at our sporting clays club recently. The question is about recoil. They are telling new members to have the barrel of their shotguns … Continue reading

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