Setting Up An Adjustable Comb


What is the best way to set up an adjustable comb on a new Browning Citori 725 sporting?

Bill Kahn


Stock fit is a very personal thing. All that I can tell you is what I do. You may choose to do things differently.

I try to set my guns for sporting, FITASC, 5 Stand, bunker and skeet the same way. I shoot a little higher stock than most people. I set the comb so that when I cheek the gun with full pressure, I look right down the rib. Naturally, I don’t shoot with full cheek pressure. I probably shoot with about 70% pressure. That way when I shoot I see a little bit of rib. I also start most of my shots gun down and only premount on trap-type targets.

The point of setting it up so that you look flat down the rib at 100% pressure is that you can never “lose” the rib by going under it, especially when you get a dropper or are shooting a bird below your feet.

A good way to check the setting is to mount the gun with your eyes closed. Wiggle around and get comfortable. Once everything feels right, then open your shooting eye. If you have the right sight picture then, you are in the ball park.

The nice thing about your adjustable comb is that you can tinker with it until you get it right.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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