Belgian Browning Choke Marks

Dear Technoid,

I have a Belgium Browning 20 gauge. My question is the choke, nowhere on the barrel is it noted what the choke is. Can you help me determine what the choke may be?

Thank you, Wylie

Dear Wylie,

On the left hand side of the barrels’ monobloc near the ejectors, you will see some ” * “, ” $ ” and ” – ” markings. These indicate original Belgian factory choke designations.

Full Choke *
Improved Modified *-
Modified **
Improved Cylinder **-
Skeet **$
Cylinder ***

Of course I don’t have to tell the Junior Technoids out there that you must actually pattern to know what you have. Measuring the chokes will give you an indication, the same way that the factory markings give you an indication, but only patterning will tell you how your gun works with any particular shell.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
The Technoid at <>
(Often in error, never in doubt.)

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5 Responses to Belgian Browning Choke Marks

  1. Bruce Buck says:

    You don’t say whether your gun is the A5 auto or a Superposed O/U. If an A5, the the choke marking should be on the left rear outside of the barrel. If a Superposed, then on the left side barrel’s breech. Browning choke markings are:
    * designates full choke (F).
    *- designates improved modified choke (IM).
    ** designates modified choke (M).
    **- designates improved cylinder choke (IC).
    **$ designates skeet (SK).
    *** designates cylinder bore (CYL).
    But don’t trust the Browning markings. Roland is absolutely correct. The best way to know for sure exactly what you have is to get them measured.


  2. Jackie Overly says:

    I have a 1968 Belgium Browning 12 GA. Is this shotgun a fixed choke? If so what choke would it be


    • Roland Leong says:

      If you have fixed chokes, you would have to get the muzzle area measured with a gauge to determine the choke constriction. Choke is relative to the internal barrel dimension.


      • Jackie Overly says:

        Thanks I appreciate the feedback. I’ve determined my best avenue will be to set-up a cardboard target at 25 yards & shoot turkey load through it. It does shoot 3″, right? Thanks again.


        • Bill E. says:

          It is only safe to shoot the length of shells that it was proofed for at the factory. It will clearly indicate if it is a 3 inch chambered gun. Don’t be confused by inserting a loaded 3 inch shell in a 2 3/4 inch chamber and it chambers without issue.

          It is the FIRED length of the shell that is the determining factor. Obviously the 3 inch length ammo should only be fired in guns so designated. The vast majority of Superposed guns were made to only shoot 2 3/4 inch ammo.


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