Beretta Lefty Stock

O’ Great and Onedrus Noer of Awl Things;

I just came into possession of a Beretta ASE 90. It is not a ASE Gold; it’s an older one with a polished receiver. Where might I find a Left Hand stock for same. It’s not a common gun and I don’t know a lot of purveyors of esoteric guns and parts.

Prescott, AZ

Dear Jack,

“Great and wondrous knower”– I just love it- even if it isn’t true. My wife sometimes tries to butter me up with “Great and wondrous mower” when the grass gets too long, but that seldom works. No matter how much I mow it, the grass never learns to behave, so the hell with it. I usually go shooting instead.

Rather than actually buy a lefty stock for your most excellent ASE90, why not just get it bent? Any good stock maker can bend a stock from right hand cast off to left hand cast on for far, far less than the cost of a new one. He can also bend the stock up or down at the same time and adjust toe-in, toe-out for you while he is at it. That’s the way I would go. If you don’t have a good stock bender in your neck of woods, there’s Charles Schneible at British Sporting Arms in Millbrook, NY. I have heard nothing but compliments about his work.

If you insist on a new stock, you have to be aware of Beretta’s absolutely horrible reputation with parts supply. I guess that it is worth a try calling Beretta USA in Accokeek, MD, but don’t hold your breath. Jeff’s Outfitters in Cape Girardeau, MO sometimes makes a market in Beretta stocks- especially 680,2,6,7 series O/Us and the gas guns, though I haven’t seen any for the ASE90. Finally, you might also contact Rich Cole. Rich can often get Beretta parts directly from Italy and is absolutely, positively the most reliable source for Beretta parts.

Bottom line: I would definitely explore getting the stock bent before doing anything else.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid
(Often in error, never in doubt.)

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