Length Of Pull Adjustment


I have found that “length of pull” of the off-hand is more important than normally-defined length of pull. My right (trigger) hand will, within reason, do fine between 13″ – 15″ if the comb is not a problem (it usually is if not designed with the actual LOP in mind – i.e., cut off or spacer-ed stocks) but my swing goes all to Hell if my left hand cannot hold the gun where I instinctively prefer the weight & balance to “feel right”.

I can hardly use anything other than sustained lead when using a pump gun that makes me hold to far forward.

El Lago, Texas

Dear Jay,

The traditional British borrowed gun “temporary” fitting rule for accommodating a too short/long stock is to move the left hand fore and aft until the gun feels as comfortable as possible. I always add to that moving the right hand up and down the pistol grip. You would be amazed how much longer moving the hand up the grip closer to the trigger guard makes the stock feel.

To me, personally, feel that moving the left hand in and out along the forend make less of a difference, but still an important one. It is interesting to hear from someone who feels just the opposite and gets more stock adjustment relief from left hand placement than right. I think that most of the people are on your side. The Brits sure are.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid
(Often in error, never in doubt.)

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