MEC Universal Charge Bar


Really enjoy your site, very informative. Anyway, if you have time could you help me with this: using a mec sizemaster with a universal charge bar (made in Ontario, Can), I have what I think is excessive powder leaking out every time I throw it to the left (believe this to be the washer/grommet fault). Also throwing the shot often is very difficult due to it binding up and shearing off pellets.

I’ve used the zinc and plastic inserts both with the same results. The reason I ask you is I read in the archives, that you use these type of bars on your mec progressive machines. Any thoughts, should I send it back and spend the money on a complete set of bushings?

I have so many questions and so little time.

Thanks again,


Dear Doug,

I do use the Canadian-made Universal Charge Bar on some of my MECS. I have one on a Grabber and have also fitted them to a 9000G and a 9000H. Frankly, I’ve never had a moment’s trouble with powder leakage or shot shearing. I load shot up to size #4 and sometimes use the fine grained Winchester Ball process powders. If there was any leakage problem, it would show up with the Ball powders.

Whether I am using the MEC bushing bar which comes with the machines or the Universal Charge Bar, I make sure to place the place the brass washer in place first, then the rubber grommet and then I screw in the bottle (or baffle) on top of that. Some of the baffles have built-in spring loaded spouts, some don’t. I still use the brass washer and grommet.

If you are both leaking powder and shearing shot, it sounds as though your charge bar is a pretty sloppy fit on both sides. This could either be due to MEC making the charge bar holder too big or Universal making the charge bar too small.

Since your machine came with a bushing bar and a few bushings, why not reinstall the original bar and run up some appropriate loads with the bushings supplied? They usually cover some popular target loads. Make sure to use the brass washer and rubber grommet. If you are unsure how to do that or need replacements, call MEC at Mayville Engineering Co., 715 South St., Mayville, WI 53050, tel: 800-797-4632, <>. If you still have the shearing/leakage problem, then you know its MEC’s fault. If the problems clear up, you know it is the universal charge bar.

Over the years I have had very good luck with the MEC reloaders. They aren’t as well machined as the Ponsness Warrens, but handsome is as handsome does.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
The Technoid writing for Shotgun Report, LLC

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