Golfers Lead Tape

Dear Technoid,

In your reply to the question about adding weight to the barrels of an O/U I was surprised to hear that you hadn’t found a way to add the weight along the entire length.

Have you tried lead tape? This is 1/2-inch wide lead foil with a sticky back. I get it from a Dynacraft, a golf club component supplier. It’s used to alter club head weight.

It’s thin enough and narrow enough that you could stick it on the side ribs full length. I think it weighs less than 2 grams per inch.

If you put it all on the off side of the barrels, you wouldn’t even be able to see it when the gun was mounted. Of course anybody to your left could, but what the heck.

Ken M.

Dear Ken,

Golfer’s lead tape for clubs! That is a great idea and I wish that I had thought of it. I obtained some today. The stuff I got came in 3 gram pieces, each one about 2″ by 1/4″ or so with stickum on one side. Each package had 8 pieces for a total weight just shy of one ounce. The adhesive seems quite aggressive and adheres well to degreased steel. We will see how long it hangs on. The tape is quite thin and molds well to a place between the ribs under the forearm. One ounce of additional weight is quite noticeable, two ounces is very much so.

Naturally, putting the tape under the forearm is not completely ideal from the point of view of moment of inertia, but cosmetically it is perfect. Clearly the tape could be stuck all along the sides of the barrel if you did not mind the look. Then weight distribution would be perfect.

Good idea. Thanks for the suggestion.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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