Factory Screw-Ins


Since screw-ins seem to be the topic du jour, maybe you can help (publicly or in camera): a few years back, when I purchased a 20 gauge Grand Lightning, I also obtained some X-2s from Briley… only to find you couldn’t fit both of them at the same time, due to a slight( but real) combined oversize condition beyond the muzzle. I sent them back and have limped along with the factory invectors .

Since Briley , in their infinite wisdom, doesn’t offer flush mounts in 20 gauge( don’t ask me why), what would be your Plan B to obtain some decent aftermarket chokes somewhere else?

As always, the world waits and trembles before the Oracle speaks.


Dear Fred,

The world wouldn’t have to wait and tremble before the Oracle speaks if they stayed upwind.

Ballistics, Müller, Colonial, Trulock or anyone else with the machinery will make you chokes. Briley should certainly be able to make you a set of custom chokes and just chop off the part that sticks out. Or they could thin down the outside of the extended part. You would still have the notches to engage the teeth in your Royal wrench.

But first… Have you actually patterned the original Browning chokes? Here’s what I suggest: Mic the original chokes to find the true constrictions. Browning is notorious about mismarking. Then pattern the Browning chokes judging them by their true constrictions. You may be surprised. The early Invectors were much maligned because their marked constrictions often had little to do with their real ones. Usually, they were far more open. BUT, if you patterned them based on their true constrictions, they were fine.

I compared similarly dimensioned Briley X2 chokes to factory Beretta flush chokes in my 12 gauge 303 and found no measurable difference. The Briley chokes WERE more carefully machined and fit better at the skirt to stop gas blowby, but the patterns were the same when the constrictions matched up.

I generally like Briley products and have never faulted their service, but sometimes the factory chokes do a fine job too. You just have to do a little work at the pattern board to find that out.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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3 Responses to Factory Screw-Ins

  1. Name does not a choke make. Put them on paper, see what they look like, and then compare. Advertising is just that………Hype about what a manufacturer see in a specific gun with a specific load, on a specific day. What you have in your hands and what you use for ammo may be way different than what a manufacturer tested with. For 99% of the shooting population, choke (Brand) should not really matter in the grand scheme of life……………………for that other 1% that 3 pellets (+ or -) keeps you up at night. Have at it!


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